Strange Trivia in Sports - Archery

Some strange trivia, facts, records, and events in the history of the sport of Archery.


Ann Butz is the only archer to capture the Las Vegas, Detroit, and National championships; these tournaments make up archery's Triple Crown.

The distance record for the handbow is held by Sultan Selim III. In 1798, the Sultan shot an arrow 972 yards 2 2/3 inches. Even modern science has not been able to change the archer's tools enough to help moderns surpass this century-old mark.

The 17th-century Japanese archer Wada Daihachi fired 8,133 arrows down the 384' Royal Hall in a 24-hour period, an average of 5 shots per minute. In Daihachi's day, Japanese archers used 8' longbows, considered the largest longbows in history.

Archery may hold the distinction of being the world's oldest sport; its history stretches back 20,000 years.

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