Strange Trivia in Sports - Billiards or Pool

Some strange trivia, facts, records, and events in the history of the sport of Billiards or Pool.


The span of time over which Willie Hoppe won championship matches stretched from 1901, when he was only 14 years old, to 1952. Hoppe dominated the sport for half a century.

In the 1920s, Henry Lewis had a run of 46 using his nose instead of a cue stick.

"Old Style Play," or 4-ball carom billiards, died out in 1880 because Jacob Schaefer, Sr., dominated the sport to such a degree that it became impossible to find opponents for him.

Captain Mingaud, a political prisoner in Paris during the 1790s, was the 1st man to round off a cue tip. He requested a longer stay in prison to perfect his skill at billiards; by the time he consented to leave, he was the greatest trick-shot artist in the world.

The fastest 300-point billiard match on record was played in 1905--and took only 35 minutes to play.

Players in championship games walk from one to 3 mi. while circling the table, and moving from the table to their chairs.

George Henry Sutton, of Toledo, O., had no hands--yet won a national billiard championship, and once made a consecutive run of 3,000 balls.

During a title match held on September 1, 1865, a fly landed on the ball that Louis Fox was aiming at. The distraction snapped Fox's concentration and he missed the shot; his opponent then ran the table and won the match. Two days later, Fox's body was discovered floating in a river where he'd apparently drowned himself.

Prof. Harvey C. Lehman, of Ohio University, Athens, spent several years researching the peak performance ages of athletes in various fields. Using over 10,000 players as subjects, Lehman discovered that billiards champions have the highest average age of any sport considered. The peak age of a billiards master is 34.35; the average age of the people who set records in billiards is 35.67.

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