Strange Trivia in Sports - Bowling

Some strange trivia, facts, records, and events in the history of the sport of Bowling.


In the 47 nations where bowling is popular there are an estimated 60 million bowlers.

The game of 9 pins was established by the German religious leader Martin Luther.

Tokyo World Lanes Bowling Center is the largest bowling hall in the world. The Japanese establishment has 252 lanes.

In a game at Coral City Lanes, Miami, Fla., Pat Crowe faced 5 consecutive 8-10 splits. Mr. Crowe is the husband of Alberta Crowe, president of the Women's International Bowling Congress.

A doubles team competing in a 1955 ABC tournament had a combined age of 165 years. Joseph Lehnbeutter was 82, and his partner, Jerry Ameling, was 83.

Art Morin of Taunton, Mass., made 22 spares in 30 frames; he failed to get even one strike and ended with a 3-game score of 465.

Don McCune of Munster, Ind., won only 2 tournaments during his 1st 10 years as a pro. In his 11th year, 1973, McCune won 6 tournaments and tied Billy Hardwick's PBA record for the most victories in one season.

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