Strange Trivia in Sports - Golf

Some strange trivia, facts, records, and events in the history of the sport of Golf.


The oldest golfing club in the world is the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, which came into being in March, 1744.

The Yale golf course is laid out so that a player going 18 holes covers one city and 3 towns: New Haven, Woodbridge, Orange, and West Haven--all in Connecticut.

In August, 1913, playing on the Old Course at Herne Bay, England, a 182-lb. Englishman, Edward Bliss--aged 50 and with a 12 handicap--hit the longest drive in golf history: 445 yards. In the years since, Craig Wood hit one 15 yards short of that, and Jack Nicklaus's best was 100 yards short.

Even though Joyce Wethered's drive struck a swallow over the fairway in 1927, she still managed to break par by getting 2 birdies on one hole.

Art Wall, Jr., holds the record for most holes-in-one during a career. Wall had 37 aces during his 31-year professional career.

The fastest golf drive on record is 120 mph by Gene Sarazen. Since the U.S. Golf Association permits manufacturers to produce a golf ball with a top limit of 250' per second, this record is not an absolute.

John J. Humm, an amateur champion from Long Island, N.Y., once shot a 34 on a 9-hole course using only a No. 3 iron. The following day on the same course, using all 14 clubs, he could manage only a 40.

On the shores of the Dead Sea, the Sodom and Gomorrah Golfing Society golf course was 1,250' below sea level, the lowest course in the world. Since 1948, when the clubhouse was stricken by fire, the course has been inoperable.

Richard Carroll, of New York, won 2 tourneys on the same day. One was the Westchester Recreation Tourney at the Mohansic Club, York Town Heights, and the other was the Peekskill Elks Tourney at the Briar Hall Country Club. His scores were 73 and 71 respectively.

Dave Tuch celebrated his 50th birthday with friend Sam Force by playing one round of golf at Governors Island, N.Y.; then a round at the Jackson Park Club in Chicago, Ill.; then a final round for the day at the Virginia Country Club in Long Beach, Calif.

The Eldorado Golf Club in California has 15 courses, more than any other club in the world.

Jack Robinson scored 2 holes-in-one on the Haydock Park Course, London, within 4 days. Robinson had only one arm.

When Dow Finsterwald shot a double eagle in the St. Petersburg Open, he defied odds set by the Professional Golfer Magazine of 1.5 million to one. He accomplished the feat on a par 5, 501-yard hole.

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