Strange Trivia in Sports - Hockey

Some strange trivia, facts, records, and events in the history of the sport of Hockey.


The fastest recorded skater is Bobby Hull (Chicago, NHL) who has been timed at 29.7 mph.

The Stanley Cup represents the world championship in professional hockey. The 1st cup was given in 1893--then worth about $49--by Canada's Governor-General, Lord Stanley. The Montreal Canadiens have been the most frequent winners of the Cup, taking it 18 times from the year 1916 to the present. Since the National Hockey Association took over presentation of the Cup in 1910, $6,000 has been spent altering the trophy.

The record for the greatest number of team goals scored in the shortest time was established by the Pittsburgh Penguins in a contest against the St. Louis Blues on November 22, 1972. The Penguins racked up a smashing 5 goals in a mere 2 minutes 7 seconds.

The dubious distinction of achieving the most penalties in a single game belongs to Jim Dorey, of the Toronto Maple Leafs, in a clash with the Pittsburgh Penguins on October 16, 1968. Dorey was whistled down 9 times and wound up with 48 minutes in the bad box.

Eddie Shore, of the Boston Bruins, was perhaps the roughest player in hockey history. Besides the numerous fractured bones he suffered, Shore also had 19 scars on his scalp, and cuts and gashes over his entire body which it had taken 600 stitches to repair.

Joseph Henri Maurice Richard, of the Montreal Canadiens, became the highest scorer in NHL history by driving his 325th goal into the net in 1952; the scoring puck was awarded as a souvenir to Queen Elizabeth II of England. By the time Richard wound up his career in 1960, he had tallied 626 goals.

Howie Young, famous for rough play and his consistent record as the league's leader in penalty time, was once arrested for fighting with a Detroit policeman in a restaurant. The officer, Joseph Curto, explained that Young had stolen part of his breakfast.

Mervin Dutton was wounded by an exploding shrapnel shell during W.W.I. He lay for one hour in a pool of his own blood. When the stretcher bearers finally got him, they managed to move only a few yards before another shell came their way. They dropped the stretcher and dove for cover. The shell exploded a dozen feet from Dutton's already mangled body and filled him with 48 fragments of metal.

The next day, when the doctors told Dutton his life probably depended on having his leg amputated, he refused. He told them he played hockey and couldn't spare the leg. His leg was hoisted to a 30 deg angle and remained there for 14 months. Finally he recovered, played professional hockey, and eventually served a term as president of the National Hockey League.

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