Strange Trivia in Sports - Shooting and Rifles

Some strange trivia, facts, records, and events in the history of the sport of Shooting.


The record for the most birds shot by one man in a lifetime is attributed to the 2nd Marquess of Ripon (1867-1923). He bagged 556,000 birds, 241,000 of which were pheasants. On the morning of September 22, 1923, he shot 52 birds, then himself fell dead on a grouse moor.

The 1937, .30 caliber, M 1903, Standard U.S. Army Ordinance Dept. rifle had a muzzle velocity of 4,840 mph.

W. F. Carver, sharpshooter in the 1890s, shot at 63,625 wooden balls which were tossed before him for 6 days and nights. Carver hit 58,819.

Ed McGivern shot a .45 5 times from 15' into an area with a diameter of 1.1875". He accomplished this rapid-fire feat twice on August 20, 1932, at the Lead Club Range, S. Dak.

The stag with the most numerous antler points, 33 (plus 29), was shot by King Fredrick I of Prussia in 1696.

During the 1964 deer-hunting season, hunters caused $500,000 worth of damage to the community of Cody, Wyo. The figure includes money lost due to the killing of livestock, cutting of fences, contamination of water, litter, destruction of property, and gates left open that allowed live stock to escape.

On November 13, 1955, J.J. Fenykovi of Hungary shot the largest animal ever slain by a big-game hunter. Forty-eight miles from Macusso, Angola, he killed a 24,000-lb. bull African elephant (Loxodonta africana). The kill required 16 large-caliber shells.

Near Fairbanks, Alaska, Allen Dale Murphy killed 2 2,000-lb. buffalo in one day, and he used only 2 bullets. At the time, Murphy was 8 years old.

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