Strange Trivia in Sports - Skiing

Some strange trivia, facts, records, and events in the history of the sport of Skiing.


The highest altitude ever skied was recorded by Yuichiro Miura of Japan. On May 6, 1970, he skied 1.6 mi. down Mt. Everest starting from an elevation of 26,200'. He reached a peak speed of 93.6 mph.

Skis were used in warfare for the 1st time at the Battle of Oslo in 1200 A.D. King Sverre of Sweden initiated their use against Norway.

On January 8, 1949, at Salisbury, Conn., the Salisbury Hill skiing record was broken 21 times. This is said to be the greatest number of times a record in any sport has been surpassed in one day.

The Weissfluhjoch-Kublis Parsenn course, near Davos, Switzerland, is the longest downhill run in the world--9 mi.

On August 25, 1955, Ralph Miller, U.S., set the speed skiing record at 109.14 mph. The record was set on the slopes of the Garganta Schuss, Portillo, Chile. The slope has a 62 degree lean.

Manfred Wold of East Germany holds the world's record for the longest ski jump, 541.3', set March 23, 1969, at Planica, Yugoslavia.

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