Strange Trivia in Sports: Track and Field

Some strange trivia, facts, records, and events in the history of the sport of track and field.


The late Bill Robinson, professional tap dancer, holds the backward running record in the 50-yard, 75-yard, and 100-yard races. His times were 6 seconds, 8.2 seconds, and 13.2 seconds, respectively.

The record for the 3-legged race is held by Lawson Robertson, coach of the University of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Olympic track team, and Harry Hillman, coach at Dartmouth. On April 24, 1909, they ran a 3-legged 100 yards in 11 seconds flat.

John A. Finn, of Brooklyn, N.Y., set the 100-yard In-Sack record at 14.2 seconds on April 20, 1941.

Perhaps the greatest all-round American athlete next to Jim Thorpe was R. P. Williams, a New Englander whose feats never reached most record books. In 1905, at Milford, he did a running broad jump of 25': in 1905, at New London, holding weights, he did a standing broad jump of 15' 4"; in 1905, in New London, holding weights, he did a standing back jump of 13' 3"; in May 1906, at Winthrop, on an accurately measured track and timed by 5 watches, he ran the 100-yard dash in 9 seconds flat. Not in the record books because, alas, he was a professional, and in those days you had to be lily-white.

Noah Young ran a mile in 8 minutes 30 seconds carrying a 150-lb. man on his back. Young weighed 198 lbs. He made the run on April 12, 1915, at Melbourne, Australia.

Anton Haislan won $2,000 at a Paris exhibition for being the "most durable pedestrian." He walked 15,000 mi. over a period of 22 months; during the walk, he pushed a special perambulator containing his wife and daughter.

The Tutsi tribesmen in Central Africa often high-jump over 8'.

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