Superstitions of Famous People

About twelve famous people and some of their superstitions and superstitious beliefs including Napoleon, Churchill, Dr. Johnson and others.


Hitler favored the number 7 (he planned major military battles on the 7th of the month) and had the Nazi swastika designed to resemble an ancient Buddhist symbol representing, among other things, the wheel of life.

Cornelius Vanderbilt had the legs of his bed placed in dishes of salt--to ward off attacks from evil spirits.

Somerset Maugham had the "evil eye" symbol carved into his fireplace mantel and had it stamped on his stationery and books.

Napoleon Bonaparte feared cats (ailurophobia) and the number 13.

Winston Churchill petted black cats to obtain good luck.

Al Jolson always wore old clothes to open a new show.

Mary Queen of Scots (according to some) had her fortune told by a deck of cards before her death and was dealt a hand full of spades.

Admiral Lord Nelson tacked a horseshoe to the mainmast of his ship.

Samuel Pepys, English diarist, wote, "Now I am at a loss to know whether it be my hare's foot which is my preservative against wind, for I never had a fit of collique since I wore it."

Samuel Johnson, English author, never entered a house with his left foot 1st because it "brought down evil on the inmates."

Charles Stewart Parnell, Irish Nationalist leader, never signed a legislative bill that contained 13 clauses. He would not sign until a 14th was added.

President Harry S Truman displayed a horseshoe over the door of his office in the White House.

Shakespeare wrote, "For many men that stumble at the threshold/Are well foretold that danger lurks therein."

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