Sweden: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Sweden, socialist government and tax system, industry, Vikings in history.



One-third of the Swedish budget is spent on social welfare. This money is spent for such programs as free college tuition for all Swedes, free child delivery, annual allowances to the mother until the child reaches the age of 16, rent rebates for large families, special pensions for needy persons, and retirement and health care benefits. Personal income tax rates vary from around 50% to 80%.

Although Sweden has a socialist Government, 90% of industry is privately owned and strikes are occurring more frequently as workers become disenchanted with the leadership of their unions.

During the Viking Age, Sweden made raids into Russia and joined with Danish and Norwegian Vikings to plunder Europe. It is interesting to note the name "Russia" derives from "Rus," the name Slavic peoples gave to the Vikings.

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