Syria: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Syria, their history and war with Israel, Arab government.



Syrian nationalists were a major force in the Arab nationalist movement and the Arab Army that won independence from the Ottomans in W.W. I, but they were then faced with years of struggle against the French armed occupation until France withdrew in 1946 after De Gaulle viciously bombed Damascus.

Syria's defeat at the hands of Israel in 1948-1949 caused such unrest in Syria that military dictators came to power for the next 5 years. Civilian government had returned by 1956, but the defeat suffered at that time and an unrelated plot to install a pro-Western government in Syria at the same time led to Syria's unhappy union with Egypt and Nasser in the United Arab Republic. The U.A.R. had failed by 1961 and in its aftermath the nationalist Baath party finally attained power, and gradually moved further to the left. The disastrous 1967 war with Israel, in which Syria lost the Golan Heights, undermined that leftist trend and allowed the present regime to come to power.

By 1973, the Syrian Government was pushing the other Arab governments to take action on Israel's continued occupation of territories seized in 1967, as well as urging that some effort again be made to resolve the Palestine question. President Hafez Assad, of Syria, eventually found acceptance of his efforts to build a united front with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The result was the October, 1973, war with Israel. Though militarily not a victory for Syria, enough success was achieved politically so that the Syrian ruling group has been able to consolidate its internal position and begin to force some Israeli withdrawal.

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