The Enigmatic Wallace Murder Part 3

About the enigmatic Wallace murder of Mr. William Herbert Wallace's wife, history of the crime that took place in England, the trial and verdict.


The Trial: The judge at Wallace's trial was Mr. Justice Wright. E. G. Hemmerde led the prosecution. During the trial, Police Constable James Rothwell said he had seen Wallace the afternoon of the murder in Maiden Lane, and that Wallace seemed to be crying. "His face was haggard and drawn, and he was very distressed. . . . He was dabbing his eyes with his coatsleeve, and he appeared to me as if he had been crying." However, a customer of Wallace's saw him shortly afterward and testified that he was in a fine humor. Others backed her up.

Qualtrough still hadn't been found. Was he Wallace?

Hemmerde couldn't crack Wallace, whose statements and protestations of innocence were calm and reasoned. Mr. Justice Wright said of Wallace's statements, "I have read them through very carefully, and I think it is wonderful that they are as lucid, accurate, and consistent as they are." In his address to the jury, he made it clear that the evidence against Wallace was circumstantial. But in spite of that, the verdict was guilty. The crowd in the courtroom was amazed and the public outraged. A Special Service of Intercession was held in Liverpool Cathedral. A Court of Criminal Appeal overturned the guilty verdict.

If Wallace didn't kill his wife, who did? Qualtrough, whoever he was? No one knows to this day.

The End: His innocence or guilt still undetermined, Wallace died 2 years later from cancer of the kidneys.

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