The Making of a Model Citizen in Communist China by Charles Price Ridley

An excerpt from the book The Making of a Model Citizen in Communist China by Charles Price Ridley which examines the education and teaching methods which help instill values.

THE MAKING OF A MODEL CITIZEN IN COMMUNIST CHINA. By Charles Price Ridley, Paul M. B. Godwin, and Dennis J. Doolin. Stanford, Calif.: The Hoover Institution Press, 1971.

About the book: By analyzing elementary school readers, the authors show how the Chinese Government uses the educational system to help mold what they consider to be model citizens. They stress cleanliness, bravery, patriotism, personal sacrifice, and unquestioning loyalty to Chairman Mao, the Party, and the Government. Included are 200 pages of excerpts from the readers.

From the book: Selections from Volume 1 of the Readers (grade one):

Thirty, Study Hard. Chairman Mao loves us. Chairman Mao tells us to study hard and advance upwards every day. We must be obedient to the words of Chairman Mao and be good children of Chairman Mao.

Thirty-eight, On Duty for the Day. Today we are on duty. After school is out, we sweep the classroom. Some of us sprinkle water, some of us sweep, some of us clean the blackboard, and some of us wipe the desks and chairs. After we finish sweeping, the classroom is very clean, and in our hearts we are very happy.

Forty-two, I Will Love to Wear My Jacket. Hsiao-chu's mother sewed a jacket for her. Hsiao-chu began to sing happily:

Mother sewed a jacket for me,

A thousand stitches, 10 thousand stitches, she sewed fine.

How hard my mother worked to sew my clothes,

I will love to wear my jacket.

Her mother said: "Well sung! Hsiao-chu, I ask you, who planted the cotton? Who wove the cloth?"

Hsiao-chu said: "The cotton was grown by us peasants, and the cloth was woven by the workers."

Her mother said: "That's right! See, how many people must labor to make a piece of clothes! How could we help but love the clothes we wear?"

(Why should we love our clothes?)

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