The New Age Baby Name Book by Sue Browder

An excerpt from the New Age Baby Name Book by Sue Browder, a guide to some unusual names for boys and girls.

THE NEW AGE BABY NAME BOOK. By Sue Browder. New York: Warner Paperback Library, 1974.

About the book: If you are trying to decide what to name your new baby and you are tired of common names like John, Mary, Susan, and Bill, this is the book for you. Included are over 3,000 unusual names from all over the world as well as astrological names, flower names, and ethnic versions of English names, such as the Polish name Melcia instead of Amelia. There is also a chapter on how to create a name.

From the book:


Ajuji (ah-JOO-jee) The Hausa of Africa always give this name to the surviving child of a woman whose children have always died. According to the tradition, when the baby is born, the grandparents take the child out to the refuse heap or the juji, and pretend to throw it away. After this gesture to the demons, the mother rushes out and reclaims the child.

Melantha "Black Flower." The name probably comes from the deep purple lily which once grew along Mediterranean shores.

Yonina (yoh-NEE-nuh) Hebrew for "dove." Variants include Yona, Yonit, Yonita, Jona, Jonina, and Jonati. Yona is often used as a boy's name.


Blair "Child of the fields." Earth name for boys born under the earth signs of the zodiac: Capricorn, the Goat, Taurus, the Bull, and Virgo, the Virgin. An astrologer may advise such an earth name if a child's horoscope contains too many metal or water influences, since earth controls metal and destroys water. The name, then, is thought to restore the balance of the basic elements in the child's horoscope so the universal order will work smoothly throughout his life.

Radomil (RAH-doh-mil) "Love of peace." Popular in Czechoslovakia.

Tunu (TOO-noo) Miwok Indian name which means "deer thinking about going to eat wild onions."

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