The Science and Practice of Iridology by Bernard Jensen

An excerpt from the book The Science and Practice of Iridology by Bernard Jensen about the 'science' of diagnosing illnesses though examing the eyes.

THE SCIENCE AND PRACTICE OF IRIDOLOGY. By Bernard Jensen, D.C., N.D. Escondido, Calif.: Bernard Jensen Products, Publishing Div., 1952.

About the book: "Iridology" is the science of diagnosing illness within an organism through markings and signs (color, density, etc.) in the iris of the eye. It is not a widely accepted science, nor do its adherents declare it to be the last word in medical diagnosis. However, many claims are made in this book--including many case histories, wherein Dr. Jensen claims to have successfully diagnosed and cured patients for whom more traditional medical practictioners had given up hope.

From the book: As you look at the different lesions or markings, bear in mind that each of them has its own story. The amount of pathology in the organ can be determined by the degree of discoloration and the size of the lesion in the particular area with which you are dealing. The amount of repair work to be done can be judged by the stage of inflammation and how the rest of the body will respond to help that particular organ get well. . . . If we find that the organ we are working on has poor density and is in a very heavy toxic condition, and that the intestinal tract is quite toxic, you can readily see the many complications preventing the body from becoming well. Like the chain and its weakest link, it can be no stronger than its weakest organ. From the iris analysis standpoint we are most interested in discovering which are the weak organs we have to take care of and which are those that have the greatest amount of encumbrance to overcome. The strong organs can take care of themselves.

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