The U.S. Patent System Part 7: General Information About Patents

About the U.S. Patent system, general information and further reading on the process of applying for patents and trademarks.

The U.S. Patent System Today

For Further Information about U.S. Patents

* Order from Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

* Request from Office of Information, U.S. Patent Office, Washington, D.C. 20231. No charge.


* The Story of the United States Patent Office, 1972, 41 pages, 35 cent. Excellent little summary; all the history most people want to know.

* Commissioner of Patents Annual Report. Review of the fiscal year (July 1-June 30), recently running about 40 pages and about 50 cent. Covers changes in law and procedures and all statistics you want.

* Patents: Spur to American Progress, 1969, 49 pages, 35 cent. A bit of the hard sell from the establishment view, but well done, readable, superb coverage, and an excellent bibliography.


* General Information Concerning Patents, 1973, 43 pages, 45 cent. Includes sample forms, definitions of terms, advice on each step to take, and enough about infringements and interferences.

* For Inventors: Patents & Inventions: An Information Aid., Rev. 1974, 22 pages, 40 cent. Discusses the "Six Steps" an inventor must or should take, and tells what to do after as well as before getting a patent.

* Q&A About Patents: Answers to Questions Frequently Asked About Patents, 1974, 15-page pamphlet, no price given. Handy, but no replacement of above materials. Includes locations of the 22 libraries that have printed copies of U.S. patents and of U.S. Department of Commerce Field Offices.

* Q&A About Plant Patents: Answers to Questions Frequently Asked About Plant Patents, 1970, 9 pages, no price given. Twenty-two questions on plant patents within the system outlined in the above booklets.


* General Information Concerning Trademarks, 1974, 28 pages, 50 cent. Definitions, laws, rules, explanations, and examples of forms to be used.

* Q&A About Trademarks: Answers to Questions Frequently Asked About Trademarks, 1971. 5 pages, no price given. Twenty-six questions and answers. Also illustrations of well-known marks.


* Attorneys and Agents Registered to Practice Before the U.S. Patent Office--1974, $3.25. (As noted earlier, for a listing in your geographical area, contact the Patent Office for the excerpt at no charge.)


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