Togo: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About the location, size, population, and government of the country Togo.



Location--In the "hump" of West Africa, with a short southern coastline on the Gulf of Guinea. To the west, Ghana; to the north, Upper Volta; to the east, Dahomey.

How Created--By a League of Nations mandate at the end of W. W. I. The former German Colony of Togoland was divided between France and England. Today's Republic of Togo is the French (eastern) half; the British (western) half has been incorporated into Ghana.

Size--21,926 sq. mi. (56,785 sq. km.).

Population--2,200,000: Ewe, 20.8%; Kabre, 13.9%; Watyi, 11.9%; Noudeba, 6%; Mine, 5.8%; Kotokoli, 5.1%; Moba, 4.8%; other, 31.7%. 56.1% Animist, 17.7% Roman Catholic, 8.8% Muslim, 6.5% Protestant, 10.9% other.

Who Rules--The military. Self-declared President is Lieut. Col. Etienne Eyadema, who took over in 1967, and intends to stay in power "indefinitely."

Who REALLY Rules--France is the chief economic support. Having balanced off a trade deficit of $11 million at the time of independence, France is continuing, along with the U.S. and West Germany, to supply Togo with foreign aid.

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