United States and American History: 1786

About United States history in 1786 the incorporation of Tammany Society, examples of cemetary headstones.


--The Tammany Society was incorporated in New York City. Named after the Delaware chief Tamanend, it was divided into 13 tribes that symbolized the 13 Colonies. Initially formed for social and patriotic reasons, the society shifted over into the political area, achieving its greatest notoriety during the reign of "Boss" Tweed at Tammany Hall.

Jan. 26 Mallet-and-chisel work on cemetery headstones reached a new high in detailing the demise of the deceased:

In Memory of Mr. Elijah Bardwell who died Janry 26th 1786 in ye 27th Year of his Age having but a few days surviv'd ye fatal Night when he was flung from his Horse & drawn by ye Stirrup 26 rods along ye path as appear'd by ye place where his hat was found & where he had Spent ye whole following severe cold night treading ye Snow in a small circle.

May 31 The Typographical Society (membership: 26) went on strike to support brother workers who refused to have their wages cut to less than $6/wk. The strikers won.

June 8 Commercial ice cream was advertised for sale in New York. The man responsible for bringing so much joy to the U.S.: Mr. Hall, of 76 Chatham Street.

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