United States and American History: 1788

About the United States history in 1788, the first arithmetic book written, New Hampshire ratifies the Constitution.


--Nicholas Pike published a new arithmetic book, titled A New and Complete System. It became the standard schoolboy's text.

Spring Flame from a church candle set a destructive fire in old New Orleans that wiped out 19 blocks and 856 homes--most of the town. Architectural styles brought over from France and Spain were abandoned, and the city took on a new look, with a greater use of brick in place of wood.

June 21 By a vote of 57 to 47, New Hampshire became the 9th State to ratify the Constitution, the last approval needed to put it into effect. Due to its centralism and its "strong tendency to aristocracy," the Constitution met stiff opposition in many Colonies. Rhode Island and North Carolina rejected it outright. In Virginia, the vote was 89-79 for approval, in New York, 30-27, and in Massachusetts, 187-168.

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