United States and American History: 1843

About the history of the United States in 1843, the status of Rregon county, John Quincey Adams returns to Congress, an experimental telegraph line is funded.


--Congress appropriated $30,000 for an experimental telegraph line from Washington to Baltimore.

Jan. 1 Total school expenses for the city of Chicago for the year ending January 1, 1834, were $3,874.34.

Feb. 4 John Quincy Adams, who was returned to Congress after his term as President, in a speech to the House of Representatives said: "If slavery must go by blood and war, let war come."

Feb. 28 Salary of Special or traveling post-office agents was limited to $1,000 a year by amendment in the Senate. An allowance of $2 per day for traveling expenses was also accorded them.

Mar. Marcus Whitman, 40-year-old doctor and missionary, who had moved to Oregon country in 1836, returned East to report to his church and to seek answers to rumors that the Oregon country would be abandoned. Secretary of State Webster--who years before had asked, "What do we want with ... this region of savages and wild beasts, of deserts and shifting sand and whirlwinds of dust, of cactus and prairie dogs?"--was not encouraging. President Tyler, however, assured Whitman that the territory, which encompassed land from Mexican California to Alaska, would not be abandoned.

Mar. A Troy, O., man was fined $10 for kissing a married lady.

Mar. 10 The Virginia Court of Appeals, contrary to other recent decisions, ruled that aliens could lawfully enlist in the Army.

Apr. 5 Chicago Express carried an ad for "operations on teeth done in superior style ... causing the least possible pain." A footnote to the ad indicated that advice was given gratis.

May 29 Another Fremont expedition. This expedition was to Oregon, but it also provided corrections of errors concerning the geography of California.

Aug. Wisconsin Territory had 12 newspapers. Oct. 11 The Chicago Democrat complained about the inexcusable state of affairs caused by the mail contractors.

Nov. A gentleman from Abbeville, S.C., refused a challenge to a duel, and was given a barbecue by his approving neighbors.

Nov. "What next?" was the comment in the Chicago Democrat on the news report that Rochester, N.Y., journeymen coopers resolved not to make any more flour barrels for less than 15 apiece.

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