United States and American History 1770

About the year 1770 in America and the notable events in United States history such as the invention of tarring and feathering and our first rhubarb.


--U.S. population-2,205,000.

--The art of tarring and feathering was invented, supposedly in the Salem, Mass., witch country. A basic recipe was provided for the neophyte cook:

First, strip a Person naked, then heat the Tar until it is thin, & pour it upon the naked Flesh, or rub it over with a Tar brush. ... After which, sprinkle decently upon the Tar, whilst it is yet warm, as many Feathers as will stick to it. Then hold a lighted Candle to the Feathers, & try to set it all on Fire; if it will burn so much the better. But as the experiment is often made in cold Weather, it will not then succeed-take also an Halter, & put it round the Person's Neck, & then cart him the Rounds.

Jan. 11 Benjamin Franklin shipped a new delicacy from London to Philadelphia-friend John Bartram. It was America's 1st consignment of rhubarb. (See: Bartram in Gallery of Famous and Infamous Scientists, Chap. 17.)

Feb. 22 Storm warning. Christopher Snyder, an 11-year-old Boston boy, participating in a mob attack on the home of home of Ebenezer Richardson, was shot dead, thereby becoming the Revolution's 1st martyr. Richardson had objected to actions taken against a friend, who had defied a merchants' ban on importing. Convicted of murder, Richardson served 2 years in prison.

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