United States and American History: 1792

About the history of the United States in 1792, the U.S. postal service, the U.S. mint established, Kentucky becomes the 15th state, Washington begins 2nd term.


--U.S. mail service from the district of Maine to Virginia provided 3 deliveries a week in winter and 2 a week in summer. Although there were 6,000-7,000 mi. of post roads, the western limits of service were Pittsburgh and Albany. By 1799, the total miles of post roads had doubled and service to the west was considerably extended.

--The U.S. Mint was established in Philadelphia, using the decimal system of coins in which 10cent equal one dime and 10 dimes $1. The U.S. silver dollar, patterned after the Spanish milled dollar, wasn't issued until 1794.

June 1 Kentucky became the 15th State.

--George Washington was chosen unanimously for 2nd term as President--this time by the electors from 15 States.

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