United States and American History: 1800

About the history of the United States in 1800, the Jeffersonian Republicans and Jefferson as president, Johnny Appleseed, start of the Library of Congress.


-U. S. population-5,308,483. Almost 1/5th of this-896,849-consisted of slaves.

-To the memory of the man, 1st in war, 1st in peace, and 1st in the hearts of his countrymen.

-Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee in his eulogy on Washington

-Jeffersonian Republicans (present-day Democrats) successfully challenged the single-party Government of the Federalists in a bitterly fought campaign between Jefferson and Federalist John Adams. It was the 1st election to employ name-calling-Adams was called a madman, warmonger, spendthrift; Jefferson was characterized as a radical revolutionary just waiting to set up a military dictatorship, and to confiscate all Bibles and replace them with his own version thereof.

-Hamilton admitted paying blackmail money to hush up "an amorous connection" with a certain Mrs. Reynolds while he was Secretary of the Treasury under Washington.

-Clergyman-bookseller Mason Locke ("Parson") Weems's popular Life of Washington, the source of numerous fabricated legends believed by many to this day, was published. (See also: Footnote People in U. S. History, Chap. 3.)

-The "Johnny Appleseed" legend became one of the few folk tales based on fact. "Johnny's" real name was John Chapman, and for over 50 years he wandered up and down the Ohio Valley distributing not only appleseeds, but Swedenborgian religious tracts. Chapman was also a frontier Paul Revere, galloping through frontier settlements warning them of Indian attacks during the War of 1812.

-There was a new frontier fad-growing long thumbnails for gouging out an opponent's eye. This sadistic idea was imported from England.

Apr. 24 The Library of Congress was established. Jefferson donated his own private library as its initial collection.

June Washington, D.C., became the nation's new capital. Earlier it had been New York and Philadelphia. John Adams, the 1st President to live in the White House, moved into it November 17. The White House, which stood on a desolate bog, had no bathrooms, and water had to be carried by hand a distance of 5 city blocks. For want of space, Abigail Adams hung her laundry in the East Room.

July 8 The 1st cowpox vaccination in the U. S. was performed by Harvard professor of medicine, Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse, upon his own son, Daniel. This vaccination was to prevent smallpox.

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