United States and American History: 1802

About the history of the United States in 1802, America's first Hotel, the New American Practical Navigator published, West Point founded.


-The 1st real hotel was built in America-the Union Hotel in Saratoga, N. Y.-by Gideon Putnam. While there had been many taverns and inns previously, this was the 1st hostelry used primarily for lodging instead of entertainment.

-A famous navigation guide was published, the New American Practical Navigator, written by Nathaniel Bowditch. A school dropout at age 10, Bowditch went to sea 12 years later, pursuing his interest in navigation. During 5 long voyages he found and corrected over 8,000 errors in Moore's Practical Navigator. Bowditch was the 1st to compute longitudes with a sextant by measuring angular distances between fixed stars and the moon. His guide has been continually issued by the U. S. Hydrographic Office since 1867.

-The banjo clock was designed by Simon Willard, the well-known clockmaker of Roxbury, Mass. It was a wall-hung clock.

Mar. 16 A U. S. military academy was established by act of Congress at West Point, N. Y. Originally this was the Revolutionary fortress that Benedict Arnold attempted to sell to the British in his famous act of treason.

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