United States and American History: 1807

About the history of the United States in 1807, A.B Lindsley writers a satire, Robert Fulton's steamboat Clermont ships out.


-The A. B. Lindsley comedy, Love and Friendship, or Yankee Notions, opened on the New York stage where it was an immediate success. Hero Dick Dashaway was the 1st satiric characterization of the foppish college stereotype.

-In Connecticut, Seth Thomas and Eli Terry began manufacture of clocks with interchangeable parts.

-Robert Fulton's steamboat Clermont made its 1st run, crossing the Hudson River from New York to New Jersey. Later it traveled up the Hudson from New York to Albany, making the trip in about 30 hours at 5 mph. Contrary to popular opinion, Fulton did not invent the steamboat. Instead, he was the 1st to make it a commercial success. Fulton also proposed that torpedoes be used as the major defense weapon for U.S. ports, but Jefferson was afraid of gambling the defense of the nation upon a single weapon. However, Jefferson did encourage Fulton to continue his research on the submarine.

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