United States and American History: 1827

About the history of the United States in 1827, first railroad, Thanksgiving origins, Time Stores described, swimming taught.


--The 1st railroad in the U.S. was built in Quincy, Mass.

--Writer Sarah J. (Buell) Hale promoted the idea of Thanksgiving as a national holiday in her publication, Ladies Magazine. She was founder and editor of this, the 1st woman's magazine.

--Following an unsuccessful carpenter's strike, unionists in Philadelphia formed the Mechanics' Union of Trade Associations, made up of delegates from all labor organizations in the city. Their constitution pledged to establish a just balance of power both mental, moral, political, and scientific, between all the various classes and individuals which constitute society at large. The next 6 years saw the beginning of 68 labor newspapers and 61 workingmen's parties.

Feb. 2 Final authority was given to the President to call out the militia.

May 18 Josiah Warren opened the 1st "Time Store" on the corner of 5th and Elm streets in Cincinnati. Dissatisfied with normal commerce in which money was paid for goods purchased and on which merchants made large profits, Warren decided to open a general store in which payment was made through labor exchange. For example: If a customer bought 10 lbs. of flour and it took Warren 5 minutes to pour the flour and wrap it, then the customer paid the same price for the flour that Warren had paid. Instead of adding a profit to the price, Warren charged the customer 5 minutes of work, perhaps helping to build a shelf or repairing Mrs. Warren's shoe. Time Stores were extremely popular for a while, but they never caught on nationally.

July Sectional differences again came to the fore when the Pennsylvania Society for the Promotion of Manufacturers and the Mechanic Arts called for States to send delegates to a convention in Harrisburg. It was attended by 100 delegates from 13 of the 24 States. The northern manufacturing States wanted higher tariffs; the South vigorously opposed this because they depended on foreign markets for their farm products. The South accused the North of taxing them to increase northern riches. Dr. Thomas Cooper, President of South Carolina College, said, ". . . what use is this unequal alliance by which the South has always been the loser and the North always the gainer? Is it worth our while to continue this union of States where the North demands to be our master?"

July 23 Swimming was taught at the 1st U.S. swimming school, in Boston. John Quincy Adams was one of the prominent people who attended the school.

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