United States and American History: 1834

About the history of the United States in 1834, the first Union of unions, Davey Crockett writes his autobiography, Andrew Jackson is censured.


--The 1st national union of unions was formed--the National Trades' Union, which claimed a membership of 300,000.

--"Zip Coon" was 1st played in New York by Bob Farrell, who composed it. Later the title was changed to "Turkey in the Straw," and it became a popular fiddle tune.

--A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett was published. Ostensibly an autobiography, the book contained tales, tall stories, and yarns which augmented the myth of the great hunter, Indian fighter, and congressman. Ironically, the book was meant to answer an earlier account which pictured the frontiersman as "fresh from the backwoods, half-horse, half-alligator, a little touched with snapping turtle."

Mar. First censure of a President by the Senate. After Jackson killed the Bank of the U.S., more and more people saw him as a despot: He was called "King Andrew the 1st," "Destroyer of Our Liberties," and "Tyrant." Senate censure charged that he had "assumed upon himself authority and power not conferred by the Constitution and laws." Later, Sen. Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri, who had become Jackson's devoted follower after trying to kill him in a free-for-all, finally succeeded in getting the censure erased in 1837, when a black line was drawn around the resolution and the word "expunged" written across it.

Oct. Proslavery rioting swept Philadelphia--4 homes in the black community were destroyed.

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