United States and American History: 1880

About the history of the United States in 1880, the population, Ben-Hur is published, biography of Sarah Bernhardt the famous actress, Chinese immigration stemmed.


--U.S. population--50,155,783.

--Between 1880 and 1890, 5,246,613 immigrants entered the U.S.

--There is no such thing in America as an independent press, unless it is in the small towns . . . The business of the New York journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his race and his country for his daily bread. . . . We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.

--John Swinton, labor editor & journalist

--Two popular books published: Ben-Hur by Lew Wallace, governor of New Mexico Territory, and Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney, pseudonym for Harriet Mulford Stone Lothrop. Both sold over 500,000 copies in the 1st decade after publication.

Nov. 8 Sarah Bernhardt made her U.S. stage debut in 4 plays, one of them La Dame aux Camelias, at Booth's Theater, N.Y. The greatest actress of her time, the Divine Sarah made 2 more acting trips to the U.S., the last in 1915, when she was 70 and had suffered the amputation of one leg.

Nov. 17 Unlimited immigration of Chinese to U.S. ended because of tensions created in West by cheap coolie labor. A treaty was signed in Peking in which the U.S. promised not to ban Chinese but to "regulate, limit, or suspend" their entry to the Land of the Free.

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