United States and American History: 1883

About the history of the United States in 1883, first machine gun invented, first telephone line from New York to Chicago, Sojourner Truth dies, Supreme Court rules Native Americans are dependents.


--The Ladies' Home Journal magazine was founded.

--Joseph Pulitzer bought the New York World from Jay Gould, converted it into a successful 2cent mass newspaper through sensationalism and comic strips. Circulation soared from 20,000 to 250,000 in 4 years. Nine years after Pulitzer's death in 1911, 38-year-old Herbert Bayard Swope became the paper's crusading editor. The new World gave the public Rollin Kirby, H. T. Webster, Walter Lippmann, Heywood Broun, F.P.A., Dorothy Parker, Frank Sullivan.

--I regard my employees as I do a machine, to be used to my advantage, and when they are old and of no further use, I cast them into the street.

--Manufacturer to Samuel Gompers

--U.S. businessmen began maneuvering for open access to a free market in the Congo.

--Hiram S. Maxim, a 43-year-old American, successfully demonstrated his invention of a single-barreled gun that automatically loaded, fired, ejected cartridges by means of recoil force. This was the prototype of the modernday machine gun. Maxim later moved to England, where he was knighted.

Mar. 3 Since the U.S. had dropped to 12th among world sea powers, Congress voted funds for the building of 3 new cruisers, the 1st war-ships built since the Civil War.

Mar. 24 The 1st telephone line connected New York and Chicago.

June 24 Umpire Richard Higham was expelled from the National Baseball League for dishonesty. He was the only umpire ever thrown out of the major leagues.

Nov. 3 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Indians are by birth aliens and dependents.

Nov. 26 Isabella Baumfree, who also called herself Sojourner Truth, died. She was an illiterate slave who was freed and became a powerfully effective speaker for obstetrics and woman's rights.

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