United States and American History: 1893

About the history of the United States in 1893, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde published, Harrison offers amnesty to Mormons, coup in Hawaii, Ford's Theater collapses.


--The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson was published in the U.S.

--U.S. Government moved to oust Great Britain from Nicaragua in order to build a canal.

--Metropolitan business interests, flour millers, and meat-packers supported U.S. diplomatic and naval intervention against a Brazilian revolt whose leaders opposed a recent trade agreement with the U.S.

Jan. 4 Three years after the Mormon Church gave up polygamy, President Benjamin Harrison offered amnesty to all polygamists in jail if they promised to end their plural marriages and remain monogamous thereafter.

Jan. 16 In Hawaii, pro-American interests, with the aid of U.S. naval forces and a contingent of marines, staged a successful coup against Queen Liliuokalani. When Cleveland became President, he sent John Blount of Georgia to investigate the situation in Hawaii and study the possibilities for annexation. Blount reported that the mass of natives opposed the new Government, so Cleveland demanded restoration of the Queen. Pro-annexation leaders in the U.S. rejected this, so Cleveland withdrew his demand, and the coup leaders who had hoped for annexation, settled for creation of the Republic of Hawaii in 1894 with Sanford B. Dole as President.

Jan. 23 Eleonora Duse, the great Italian actress and mistress of author D'Annunzio, made her U.S. debut on Broadway in La Dame aux Camelias.

Apr. Henry Ford displayed his 1st Ford car powered by a gasoline engine, and successfully road tested it.

June 9 Another Ford in the news. Ford's Theatre building, Washington, D.C., where Lincoln was shot, collapsed, killing 22.

June 2 The American Railway Union was founded in Chicago. Dues were $1 a year, and anyone employed by the railroads was eligible including miners and longshoremen. This did not apply to Negroes, who were excluded from membership regardless of their occupation.

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