United States and American History: 1900

About the history of the United States in 1900, population and immigration statistics, more lynchings, Dewey tries for president, first automobile show.


-U.S. population-75,994,575.

-Between 1890 and 1900, 3,688,000 immigrants entered the U.S.

-If bad institutions and bad men be got rid of only by killing, then the killing must be done.

-William Randolph Hearst.

-Dwight F. Davis offered the Davis Cup to start an annual tennis competition between the U.S. and England, later opening up the matches to most nations.

Jan. 20 G. H. White, a black congressman from North Carolina, introduced a bill to make lynching of an American a Federal crime. The bill died in committee. One hundred and five blacks were lynched this same year.

Jan. 25 Congressman-elect Brigham H. Roberts, of Utah, was unseated by the House of Representatives, voting 268-50, because he had 3 wives and numerous offspring.

Mar. 18 John Luther Jones, veteran engineer of the Chicago and New Orleans Limited, stayed at the throttle despite the certainty of a wreck, in an effort to slow down his hurtling express and protect as many lives as possible. He died in the crash, but lived on in the folk ballad, "Casey Jones."

July 5 At the Democratic National Convention in Kansas City, Mo., war hero Adm. George Dewey tried to wrest the presidential nomination from William Jennings Bryan. But Dewey had married a Catholic woman, and this troubled the public and scuttled his chances.

Aug. In a "Gentleman's Agreement" between Japan and the U.S., Japan agreed to limit emigration of laborers to the U.S. by refusing to issue passports.

Nov. The 1st American automobile show was held in Madison Square Garden in New York. Nineteen makes of gasoline vehicles, 7 steamers, 6 electrics and 2 hybrids were among the 51 exhibitions at the show. Laid out in the Garden was a circular track 1/8 mi. long and 20' wide. Skilled automobileers competed in contests of starting, stopping, turning, and driving between obstacles. There were 13,824 of these strange vehicles registered in the U.S. Nov. 8 Theodore Dreiser's 1st novel, Sister Carrie, a realistic book, was published by Doubleday & Company, in a nervous 1st printing of 1,000 copies. Worried about the immorality of the tale, and suffering public pressure, the publisher pulled the book off the stands. Morbidly depressed, Dreiser was unable to write another novel for over a decade.

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