United States and American History: 1910

About the history of the United States in 1910, population, Charlie Chaplin in America, Halley's comet, the Mann Act stems white slavery.


--U.S. population-91,972,266.

--An obscure British music-hall performer with a French kick toured the U.S. with a pantomime troupe, and appeared in a vaudeville act billed as "Karno's Wow Wows." His name: Charlie Chaplin.

--Mrs. Carrie Jacobs Bond wrote the words and music for "A Perfect Day." Self-taught, she turned out over 175 other songs including the wedding favorite, "I Love You Truly."

--Dr. George McCoy and Dr. Charles Chapin identified a new, strictly American disease: Bacterium tularense ("tularemia"), occurring in ground squirrels of Tulare County, Calif.

Apr. 19 Halley's Comet flashed across the horizon, making its 1st visit since 1759. Many people fearfully awaited Doomsday, the moment when the earth passed through its tail, staying home with their families. The next appearance: 9:30 P.M. Greenwich Mean Time, February 9, 1986.

June 25 The Mann Act was passed, making it illegal to transport women across State lines, or bring them into the U.S., for immoral purposes. The going price: $200 minimum, escalating to $2,000 for prime specimens to add to the world's oldest profession. The "white slavery" law crimped business in New Orleans, which published an annual guidebook to its houses of ill repute. Red light districts in 30 other cities were closed up.

Sept. 1 Nan Aspinwall left San Francisco on horseback, headed for New York City. She arrived 10 months later, after meandering over 4,500 mi.

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