United States and American History: 1911

About the history of the United States in 1911, the National Progressive Republican League is formed, finger prints are used for the first time, the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, first traffic lanes.


--Republican rebels bolted the party and formed the National Progressive Republican League, with Robert "Fighting Bob" La Follette as their leader. The Progressive party's platform included abolition of monopolies, endorsement of collective bargaining by unions, and public control and conservation of natural resources.

Mar. 8 New York City police introduced a new prosecutor's tool: latent-fingerprint evidence, to prove Caesar "Charley Crispi" Cella's presence during a burglary. He was convicted.

Mar. 25 175 Jewish and Italian immigrant women were killed in a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Co. in New York.

Fall Edward Hines painted white lines by hand on River Road near Trenton, Mich., to indicate traffic lanes.

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