United States and American History: 1921

About the history of the United States in 1921, biography of Marcus Garvey, Einstein proposes the fourth dimension, first radio broadcast of the World Series.


What is the finest game? Business. The soundest science? Business. The fullest education? Business. The fairest opportunity? Business. The cleanest philanthropy? Business. The sanest religion? Business.

-Edward E. Purinton, Independent

-Black leader Marcus Garvey announced organization of the Empire of Africa and appointed himself Provisional President. Garvey insisted that it was futile to expect justice for the black man in the U.S. and that the only hope for American Negroes was to leave America and organize an empire of their own in Africa. Garvey attracted at least half a million followers and is credited with leading the 1st and only real mass exodus of Negroes in the history of the U.S. to date.

Apr. Professor Albert Einstein, lecturing at Columbia University on the theory of relativity, introduced "time" as the 4th dimension.

Apr. 11 The sale of cigarettes to adults became legal in Iowa.

July 2 The Jack Dempsey-Georges Carpentier heavyweight championship fight, the 1st prizefight with a million-dollar gate, was held at Jersey City. Dempsey won by a knockout in the 4th round.

Oct. 5 The 1st radio broadcast of play-by-play action of World Series baseball games was done by radio station WJZ, Newark, N.J.

Dec. Short skirts were high fashion and also the object of many jokes. One that was widely reprinted went:

Policeman: "Lost yer mammy, 'ave yer? Why didn't yer keep hold of her skirt?"

Little Alfred: "I cou-cou-couldn't reach it."

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