United States and American History: 1922

About the history of the United States in 1922, the Lincoln Memorial dedicated, Tutankhamen tombs discovered, Teapot Dome Scandal.


Mar. Daily broadcasting of music and news, as well as Sunday sermons, were scheduled in New York City. Crystal headphone receiving sets were selling rapidly.

Apr. 15 Sen. John B. Kenrick of Wyoming introduced a resolution that called upon Secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall to explain if, and why, the Teapot Dome oil lands in Wyoming-which had been set aside by the Senate for the use of the Navy-were being leased secretly to the Mammoth Oil Company, which was controlled by Harry F. Sinclair. This was the 1st formal action of the investigation leading to the revelation of the Teapot Dome scandals.

May 30 The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C., before a crowd of 100,000 people. Artists and critics called the Memorial the most beautiful edifice in America.

Dec. 1 "The greatest archeological discovery of all time," the finding of the tomb of the Egyptian King Tutankhamen (14the century B.C.) was made by Lord Carnarvon and his American assistant, Howard Carter. As the men crawled into the tomb's dark passageways illuminated by a single candle, they perceived "colossal gilt couches," statues and alabaster vases over 3,000 years old. King Tut's Tomb would become headline news in the U.S.

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