United States and American History: 1926

About the history of the United States in 1926, woman swims the English Channel, NBC radio broadcasting founded, popular songs of the day, Ford gives labor the 8-hour day.


--The 1st woman to swim the English Channel was 19-year-old Gertrude Ederle of New York. It took her 14 hours and 31 minutes. (See: Ederle in Some 9-Day Wonders, Chap. 24.)

--The widespread depression in the auto industry led Henry Ford to introduce the 8-hour day, and the 5-day week. American industrial leaders were shocked, but the AFL welcomed this as a means of checking overproduction and reducing unemployment.

--The National Broadcasting Company was organized as the 1st nationwide radio broadcasting network.

--Popular songs for the year included "Bye Bye Blackbird," "The Desert Song," "The Blue Room," and "When Day Is Done."

Nov. 9 Rear Adm. Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett made the 1st successful flight over the North Pole.

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