United States and American History: 1928

About the history of the United States in 1928, Kellogg-Briand Treaty peace treaty, Walt Disney releases Mickey Mouse, first color motion pictures.


--The Kellogg-Briand Treaty (the Pact of Paris) by which 62 nations, including Germany, Italy, and Japan, renounced war "as an instrument of national policy" was signed in Paris.

--Walt Disney released his 1st Mickey Mouse cartoon entitled Plane Crazy. During the same year he also produced Steamboat Willie, the 1st animated cartoon to use sound.

May Alphonse Capone, once Chicago's Number 1 Underworld leader, was picked up by Philadelphia police as he came out of a movie theater. The next day he was indicted by a Grand Jury for carrying concealed weapons, tried and sentenced and placed in jail. Philadelphia and Chicago officials were convinced that Capone was using prison as a refuge.

May 25 Amelia Earhart, the 1st woman to fly the Atlantic, took off from Boston with 2 passengers in her airplane Friendship.

July 10 George Eastman at Rochester, N.Y., showed a group of viewers the 1st color motion pictures ever exhibited. Film subjects included flowers, butterflies, peacocks, goldfish, and pretty girls.

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