United States and American History: 1930

About the history of the United States in 1930, U.S. population and immigration, workers demonstrations, planet Pluto discovered, Einstein in America.


--U.S. population--123,203,000.

--During the 1930S, 528,000 immigrants entered the U.S., the lowest number since the 1830S

--The Strange Death of President Harding was a best seller. This book implied that Hardings's wife poisoned him because of his numerous infidelities.

--The Nobel Prize in literature was awarded to Sinclair Lewis for his novel Babbitt. He was the 1st American to receive the prize.

Mar. 6 Demonstrations by unemployed workers demanding unemployment insurance took place in virtually every major city in the country. Police attacked a crowd of 35,000 in New York City and 10,000 people engaged in a melee with police in Cleveland. On the same day, Republican congressman Hamilton Fish, with the support of the American Federation of Labor, introduced a measure in Congress that would create a committee to investigate radical activities. This was the beginning of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Mar. 13 The planet of Pluto was identified by a photograph made at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Ariz. This confirmed the calculations made by Harvard professor Percival Lowell in 1914.

Dec. 11 Albert Einstein arrived in the U.S. from Germany. His wife sent a note to reporters, who had frightened the Professor with their aggressive behavior: "Professor Einstein is no eccentric. He is not absentminded. He dislikes dirt and confusion. Politically we are socialists."

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