United States and American History: 1932

About the history of the United States in 1932, the Great Depression in full swing, Lindburgh kidnapped, Franklin D. Roosevelt elected.


--The number of unemployed reached 13 million and wages were 60% less than in 1929.

--Edwin H. Land invented the 1st polariod glass.

--"Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" was a popular song.

--The Nevada legislature limited persons to 3 divorces in one lifetime.

Mar. 1 Charles Lindbergh, Jr., was kidnapped. His body was found 2 months later on the Lindbergh estate, while 5,000 Federal agents under direct order of the President were scouring the country for him. A typical reaction to the murder was that of the New York Daily News:

Christ died, according to the Bible, to atone for the sins of the world...Is it possible that this little boy is destined to play some such role in the history of the U.S.?...If that comes to pass, this child will not have been taken in vain.

Mar. 7 Three thousand people marched on Ford's River Rouge factory asking for jobs. Police fired on the demonstrators at point blank range with pistols and a machine gun. Four died--all were Communists. On March 12, over 30,000 people attended the funeral of the slain marchers in Detroit. The "Internationale" was played as the 4 were laid to rest in a common grave.

May 14 "We Want Beer" marches were held in many cities to protest Prohibition. In Detroit, 15,000 marched, including 172 labor unions.

July 2 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Democratic candidate for President, pledged a "New Deal" for Americans.

July 28 After camping in tar-paper shacks for 2 months near the U.S. Capitol, thousands of veterans demanding a bonus were attacked by police and U.S. Army units commanded by Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Two members of the Bonus Army were killed.

Sept. 12 A large crowd of the unemployed in Toledo, O., near starvation after county authorities cut off relief, marched on grocery stores and seized food.

Oct. 3 One hundred and sixty-four students of the Kincaid, III., high school walked out on strike after they discovered that the school board bought coal from a company employing scab labor.

Nov. 8 Franklin D. Roosevelt, was elected President.

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