United States History and Trivia Quiz: The Questions

A quiz on United States and American history, geography, trivia.

What Do You Know about the U.S.?


1. What is the one spot in the U.S. where you could stand in 4 States at one time?

2. How many States are there in the U.S.? Too easy? Well, try it.

3. Which of these cities--New York, Chicago, Phoenix, Miami--has the highest average temperature in July?

4. Which is farther west--Pensacola, Fla., or Washington Island, Wis.?

5. Which is farther west--Los Angeles, Calif., or Reno, Nev.?

6. Can you name the dozen States commonly considered to comprise the Midwest?

7. Which 3 of these States were named after real persons--California, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Delaware, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma?

8. Can you match each State with its correct State motto?

Indiana ..... "With God, all things are possible"

Montana ..... "Equal Rights"

New Hampshire ..... "Gold and Silver"

Ohio ..... "The Crossroads of America"

Wyoming ..... "Live free or die"

9. Can you identify the 2 States that have no counties?

10. The 1st coeducational college in the U.S. was founded in Ohio. Can you name this school?

11. What city in Michigan is impossible to leave on the ground without going through another city?

12. Name the 2 States that are touched by 8 other States.

13. In the State of Washington may be found the single largest concrete structure ever made by man. It was built in 1942 at a cost of $200 million. It weighs 3 times as much as the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. The concrete that went into it could build a highway encircling the whole U.S.A., and the population of the entire county would fit inside it. What is it?

14. Can you pair up the correct State with its State flower?

Alabama Rose

Hawaii Violet

Illinois Camellia

New York Violet

Oklahoma Hibiscus

Rhode Island Mistletoe

15. Part or all of what 2 States can be reached by land only if you leave the U.S.?

16. Can you name the State which has the largest man-made harbor in the country, and 2 cities named Ono and Igo?

17. What American river did Charles Dickens describe as "a slimy monster hideous to behold"?

18. Of what State is it said--it would be the biggest State in the union if it were ironed out flat?

19. Can you give the number of States in the U.S. that are named after Presidents?

20. How many State capitals are named after Presidents?

21. Which was the 1st of the original 13 States to ratify the new Constitution?

22. Here is the city--can you name the State that belongs to it?

What Cheer Missouri

Peculiar Iowa

Napoleon Arkansas

Monte Cristo Hawaii

Winooski Mississippi

Volcano South Dakota

Rugby Vermont

Kosciusko Pennsylvania

Le Beau Tennessee

King of Prussia Washington

23. What year was Alaska admitted to the Union?

24. Who named New York "the Empire State"?

25. Have diamonds ever been mined in any State of the U.S.?

26. In what State did Adolf Hitler once own 8,960 acres of land?

27. Of the 5 Great Lakes, only one is located entirely inside the U.S. Can you name the one?

28. What State is populated with the most people per square mile?

29. To what State do Basques come from northern Spain to work as sheepherders?

30. What State was an independent republic for 14 years before it joined the Union?

31. What percentage of Utah's population is Mormon?

32. If the U.S. Federal Government took over welfare payments, what 3 States would get 51% of all the money?

33. In recent years there have been proposals to create a new State to be called Columbia or Lincoln out of parts of 2 existing neighboring States. Can you name the 2 States?

34. The region of what State was called by such names as Cibola, Quivira, Panuco, New Philippines before it got its present-day name?

35. In 1861, a convention was held to form the new State of Kanawha. The following year, at another convention, the new State was given its pre

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