United States Trivia and History Quiz: The Answers Part 2

The second set of answers from the United States Trivia and History Quiz concerning people, places, events, and more.

19. Just one State in the U.S. was named after a President. This is the State of Washington. As new States were admitted to the Union, efforts were constantly made to name one or another after Jackson, Jefferson, Washington, but for a half century, these efforts failed. Finally, in 1853, the formation of a new territory came before the House of Representatives. It was to be named the Territory of Columbia. Rep. Richard H. Stanton, of Kentucky, rose to say that "we never yet have dignified a Territory with the name of Washington" and said that he would like to see "at some future day, a sovereign State bearing the name of the Father of His Country. I therefore move to strike out the word Columbia, wherever it occurs in the bill, and to insert in lieu thereof the word Washington." The amendment was approved and the bill passed. Washington became the 42nd State on November 11, 1889.

20. Four State capitals are named after Presidents of the U.S. They are: Jackson, Miss.; Jefferson City, Mo.; Lincoln, Nebr.; Madison, Wis.

21. On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the 1st State to ratify the Constitution.

22. Here are the cities and the States in which they may be found:

What Cheer Iowa

Peculiar Missouri

Napoleon Arkansas

Monte Cristo Washington

Winooski Vermont

Volcano Hawaii

Rugby Tennessee

Kosciusko Mississippi

Le Beau South Dakota

King of Prussia Pennsylvania

23. Alaska became the 49th State on January 3, 1959.

24. President George Washington, in discussing the original 13 States, referred to New York as "the seat of Empire." Thereafter, it was known as "the Empire State."

25. Diamonds are mined in Arkansas.

26. In 1942, it was discovered that the German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, then at war with the U.S., actually owned 8,960 acres of valuable land in Colorado. The Mayor of Kit Carson, Colo., revealed that Hitler had inherited the grazing land from relatives in Germany. The spread, 4 mi. from the small city of Kit Carson, was used by neighboring ranchers for grazing cattle.

27. Lake Michigan, alone among the Great Lakes, is entirely in the U.S.

28. New Jersey has the greatest population density in the U.S. It has an average of 953 people crowded into every square mile.

29. The Basques tend sheep in Idaho.

30. Vermont was a republic before it became a State. The governor of New Hampshire gave out land grants to settlers of the Vermont area, and the area was called New Hampshire Grants. In 1777, to protect themselves against New York, which considered their land grants invalid, the settlers of New Hampshire Grants held a convention and established "a true and independent State." They named their republic New Connecticut. Later, the name was changed to Vert-Mont, French for "Green Mountain." This became Vermont by 1791 when the State joined the Union.

31. Seventy percent of Utah's population is Mormon.

32. New York, Massachusetts, and California are the leading welfare States in the Union.

33. It has been proposed that eastern Washington and western Montana be combined into a new State.

34. Southern Texas had a variety of names on Spanish maps before it was named after an Indian greeting that sounded like "Teckas."

35. When West Virginians broke away from Virginia, after Virginia had joined the Confederacy, they decided to call their new State Kanawha, from the Indian name of a river in the area. Later, by a vote, they called their new State West Virginia.

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