Victorian England and the Jumping Man Alien Visitor Part 1

About the story of a Jumping Man who visited Victorian England and shocked the locals, a possible alien visitor.

Queen Victoria's Saucerman

The "Jumping Man" made his official debut in 1837, the same year that 18-year-old Victoria ascended to the throne of England. He terrorized the English countryside for almost 70 years, suddenly appearing from nowhere and vanishing just as rapidly with 30'-high leaps that carried him from sight. His fantastic jumps led the London Morning Post to remark on October 19, 1929, that he was ". . . clearly no ordinary mortal, if indeed, he were of this world at all."

Miss Jane Alsop, a 25-year-old London girl, was the apparition's 1st recorded victim. She had heard a violent ringing of the bell on the gate in front of her house, which was situated near the London docks. When she opened her front door, a tall stranger was standing on the stoop. Exactly what happened next remained unclear, but Jane later testified to police that she had thrust a lighted candle toward her visitor, peering intently to see whether his face was familiar. With a roar, the creature had stumbled back, throwing off a long cloak wrapped about it. The sight she saw left her petrified.

The man's body was covered by a tight-fitting garment which resembled a slick, stark-white, oilskin jumpsuit. His head was completely enclosed by a globular object which was fastened to the collar of his tunic. His encased arms terminated in sharp, metallic claws. Inside the transparent globe, Miss Alsop could see 2 eyes which glared at her with a white fury.

Before she could slam the door, the creature leaped upon her, blazing a blue-white ray of flames through an opening in the front of the head-covering globe. As he knocked her to the ground, her screams brought her sister running, and the sudden presence of the 2nd woman sent the assailant bounding off into the night.

The attack was reported to the Lambeth police, who skeptically took down the information. The story carried more credence a few days later, when a young butcher came forward and related a similar incident which had occurred just a few days before.

His 2 sisters had come to visit with him that night. Shortly after they had left, he had heard loud screaming and had rushed out to see his sister Margaret staggering away from a nearby alley. He had then run into the dark street to find his other sister, Lucy, lying on the cobblestone pavement, moaning. When the 2 girls had recovered, their story paralleled Jane Alsop's to a baffling degree. Again, when startled by a scream, the creature had turned and, to the girls' utter astonishment, jumped--sailing cleanly over the brick wall adjacent to the alley. The jump was impossibly high for a human to make, they said, and the young butcher, fearing he'd be laughed at, had kept silent. Who, he asked, would believe a leap of over 14'?

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