Victorian England and the Jumping Man Alien Visitor Part 2

About the story of a Jumping Man who visited Victorian England and shocked the locals, a possible alien visitor.

Queen Victoria's Saucerman

The "Jumping Man," as the newspapers called him, dropped from sight after the Alsop attack, and nothing further was noted until 1845. Then new reports began to come in, this time from the Ealing and Hanwell districts of London. Another weird figure had been seen, leaping with shrieks and groans over hedges and walls. This time a man believed to be the phantom was actually caught and the scare abated for the moment. But it developed that the apparition had simply left London for the countryside. Accounts during the 1860s and 1870s were filed from Warwickshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Surrey, Worcestershire, and Middlesex counties, telling of a fantastic creature which was being encountered on dark but moonlit nights. It came soaring over the high hedge on one side of a country road, landing noiselessly in the roadbed to confront a startled villager. Then, with another tremendous bound, it sprang up and over the hedge on the far side, to disappear without a trace. The frightened countryfolk made no attempt to catch the specter but instead raced to bar their doors. Nothing human, they said, could take such gigantic hops-only the devil himself.

Superstition and nonsense, said the police, until the "Jumping Man" put on a performance which was hard to refute. At a British army post near Aldershot in the summer of 1877, 2 sentries on duty a powder-magazine gate were alerted by a harsh and grating noise, as if a heavy metal object had just landed on the entrance road. One Private John Regan, said the army report, stepped forward and peered down the road, but saw nothing except the other sentry at his post some 30' away. Regan concluded that it must have been his imagination. But as he turned to resume his watch, a cold and icy breath fanned his cheek. Private Regan screamed and jumped back, dropping his rifle. In the same instant, the other sentry came on the run. As the 2 soldiers stood there, huddled together, a large and dark shape passed overhead and landed without a sound a short distance away. In the dim light, a strangely glowing figure straightened up and stood quietly, a queen "shining" bubble on its shoulders.

The sentry still armed shouted a hasty challenge and immediately afterward fired. The bullet had no effect. Instead, the figure bounded toward and over the 2 men, belching out a stream of blue flame directly at Regan's face. Regan stooped to pick up his rifle and both men fired a number of shots, again with no visible effect. Finally, in complete panic, they ran from their posts.

The Army's report on the court-martial included in precise detail the same description Jane Alsop had given some 40 years before. A tall, thin creature. Tight-fitting white suit, with a slight phosphorescent glow, clinging to the body. A glasslike bubble over the head. Luminous, reddish eyes like burning coals. Blue flames coming from the mouth aperture. An attack only after a scream had occurred. Fantastic jumps. And prompt disappearance without a trace.

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