Victorian England and the Jumping Man Alien Visitor Part 3

About the story of a Jumping Man who visited Victorian England and shocked the locals, a possible alien visitor.

Queen Victoria's Saucerman

One puzzling new question had been added, however. How could both soldiers-one, a crack shot-have missed at such point-blank range?

In October, 4 months later, the townspeople of Newport asked themselves the same question. The "Jumping Man" was spotted on the thatched room of a cottage near the edge of town. Eyewitnesses swore that it stood there for some time, watching and listening intently with its huge ears, which seemed to taper to a point. A crowd gathered and moved to surround the cottage. Then one man screamed an order to rush in. The sudden shout startled the visitor, and it bounded over the heads of the mob, reappearing moments afterward on top of Newport's old Roman arch. Another townsman with a gun took careful aim and fired, but was dumbfounded to see the creature still standing there, unhurt. Then, after it had looked down on the crowd for a few minutes more, the manlike figure hopped away with 20'-high leaps, the sight of which left the mob speechless. They caught up with it again as it stopped on a high wall and more shots were fired but, as before, the thing bounded off. There was only one answer: Bullets could not harm this strange phantom.

In the decades that followed, the "Jumping Man" was reported again and again. Strangely enough, now the apparition never harmed anyone, and it rapidly disappeared when it realized it had been seen.

In September, 1904, the creature made its last-reported appearance, this one in the older section of Liverpool. For more than 10 minutes, hundreds of spectators watched its antics in broad daylight. The "Jumping Man" bounded up and down William Henry St., then leaped easily from Stitt St. over a row of terraced houses onto Haigh St. Those who rushed around the corner saw it briefly as the creature made its final mighty leap which carried the white-suited shape back across the state roofs toward Salisbury St. And with this dramatic, almost joyful performance, the stranger seemingly vanished for good.

The question of what the thing was has never been answered. Man it was not--no human yet has achieved an 8'-high jump in the earth's gravity, much less the 30-footers measured and credited to the "Jumping Man." Animals, trained or wild, have also been ruled out--the phantom was definitely humanoid.

Its garments, described many times throughout almost a full century of sightings, bore a striking resemblance to the space suit worn by astronaut Neil Armstrong as he stepped to the surface of the moon in July, 1969. Its huge leaps were duplicated by other astronauts in the early 1970s as they bounded about on this barren satellite having a gravitational pull only 1/6 that of the earth. And the creature itself seems to have existed by breathing a gaseous substance which, when exhaled, combined with oxygen to produce the bluish-white but harmless flame.

The Physical evidence points inescapably to one fantastic but completely plausible conclusion. The "Jumping Man" of Queen Victoria's England may have come from outer space--a being sent from beyond our solar system to observe the strange life-forms found on the planet we call earth.

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