Vietnam: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Vietnam, including army, the peasant class, and forced urbanization.



Most of North Vietnam's people are collectivized peasants. Since most men serve for a period in the regular armed forces, women have surmounted many traditional prejudices. They are armed as members of the militia, they do heavy labor, and they are active in the professions.

Though the majority of the South Vietnamese are still peasants, the war drove many into urban areas. Some American professors considered this "forced urbanization" to be a "modernizing influence," but the cities became filled with slums, unemployment, crime, corruption, and vice. A few military officers, businessmen, and others who did not allow their moral scruples to interfere with making a profit benefited from the war, but their wealth contrasted sharply with the visible urban poverty.

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