Why Did the British Outlaw Male Homosexuality but not Lesbians?

About why the British made male homosexuality a punishable offense but not lesbianism, history of the reasons.


What Made the British Make Male Homosexuality a Punishable Offense but Not Lesbianism? The basis of the British acceptance of lesbianism has a historical origin dating back to the Greek philosopher Parmenides (c. 450 B.C.), who believed that female homosexuality was a natural behavior. Many theories were presented over the centuries to justify lesbianism, including heredity, glandular imbalance, and a lack of opportunity to meet and socialize with the opposite sex.

"While still in modern times male homosexuality has been the cause of much abhorrence, public outcry, and numerous prosecutions, lesbianism, through the ages, has been tolerated and very rarely proscribed by law. Indeed, its very omission in British legislation, it has been claimed, was due to a queen's whim (or ignorance). When an Act of Parliament was about to be passed and duly presented for signature to Queen Victoria, she had been greatly upset that her own sex was suspected of practicing the abominable vice of homosexuality. In protest, she had struck out the passage concerning women. It has never been restored."

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