Why Does a Person Join His Hands When Praying?

About the religious tradition of joining your hands together while praying, origins of this act.


Why Does a Person Join His Hands When Praying? The joining of hands during prayer does not have a religious derivation. It is not even mentioned in the Bible, nor did it become part of the Christian tradition until the 9th century. Until that time, in both Hebrew and Christian worship, the most common posture of prayer involved the spreading of arms and hands toward heaven.

The joining of hands "leads back to men's early desire to subjugate each other and developed out of the shackling of hands of prisoners!

"Though the handcuffs eventually disappeared, the joining of hands remained as a symbol of man's servitude and submission and his inability (or even lack of inclination) to grasp a weapon."

Christianity adopted "the gesture representing shackled hands as a sign of man's total obedience to divine power."

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