Why Does X Stand for a Kiss?

About the origins of the x standing for a kiss like in xoxo for hugs and kisses.


Why Does X Stand for a Kiss? There are several theories of why X has come to represent a kiss. One hypothesis looks at the mathematical meaning of X, where it can signify zero or "(an) infinity (of delight)." It can also "multiply" love and joy.

"However, the prosaic explanation of this romantic sign may be twofold. Originally it represented the formalized, stylized pictures of 2 mouths X touching each other--X. But then, a little more complicated, the kiss entered the cross by a chain of events and really owes everything to men's lack of education.

"Early illiterates signed documents with a cross. They did so for an obvious reason. A cross was so simple to draw, and yet, being also a sacred symbol, implied the promise of truth. But to solemnly confirm further the veracity of what had been endorsed thus, the writer kissed his 'signature,' as he was accustomed to do with the holy book. And that is how, finally, by its very association, the cross came to be identified with a kiss."

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