Why is the Color Blue Used For Boys and Pink for Girls?

About the reason why the color blue is used for boys and pink for girls, history of the tradition.


Why Is the Color Blue Used for Boys and Pink for Girls? Since babies look alike, it was long ago decided to identify their sexes through use of different colors. In ancient times, it was believed that evil spirits menaced the well-being of infants. It was also believed that evil spirits were allergic to certain colors, especially to blue. According to Dr. Brasch: "It was considered that the association of blue with the heavenly sky rendered satanic forces powerless and drove them away. Even in our own time Arabs in the Middle East continue to paint the doors of their homes blue to frighten away demons. Thus, the display of blue on a young child was not merely an adornment but a necessary precaution."

On the other hand, since female babies were considered inferior, it was felt they required no special color to protect them. In later times, parents became very much-conscious of the neglect of girls and introduced for them the new "pink" look.

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