Women Who Ran for President of the United States

A list of the women who ran for the office of President of the United States throughout history.

Women Who Ran for President of the United States

Year Candidate Political Party Platform Votes Received Total Votes Cast Election Winner Comment

1872 Victoria C. Woodhull Equal Rights party The 34-year-old onetime spiritualist, Wall Street broker, and publisher advocated free love, short skirts, birth control, vegetarianism, end of the death penalty, magnetic healing, easier divorce laws, an excess profits tax, world government. A "few thousand popular votes" 6,431,086 Ulysses S. Grant, Republican Woodhull spent Election Day in New York City jail.

1884 Belva Ann Lockwood National Equal Rights party The 54-year-old teacher and lawyer advocated political and economic equality for women. "Is not Victoria Empress of India?" she asked. "Is not history full of precedents of women rulers?" She was the 1st woman lawyer to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court. 4,149 (In Pa., pollsters threw out all her ballots.) 10,095,701 Grover Cleveland, Democrat Susan B. Anthony disavowed her, supported James G. Blaine.

1888 Belva Ann Lockwood National Equal Rights party Advocated women's rights, international disarmament. Not recorded 11,388,037 Benjamin Harrison, Republican After defeat, she drafted suffrage amendments for 3 States.

1892 Victoria C. Woodhull Martin Women's Suffrage party and Humanitarian party Advocated stirpiculture (the science of breeding human beings), health tribunals, free courts of justice for the poor, analysis of impure foods, anthropologists in police departments, revenue and tariff reforms, woman suffrage. Not recorded (Some of her votes were thrown out in New York City.) 12,049,519 Grover Cleveland, Democrat Woodhull died in England, June 10, 1927, in her 90th year.

1940 Anna Milburn National Greenback party Less than 2,600 49,897,781 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat

1952 Ellen L. Jensen Washington Peace party Less than 8,500 61,714,924 Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican

1964 Yette Bronstein Best party Not recorded 70,440,367 Lyndon B. Johnson, Democrat

1968 Charlene Mitchell Communist party 1,075 73,211,562 Richard M. Nixon, Republican

1972 Linda Jenness Socialist Workers party Advocated abortion, day-care centers, a 30-hour work week, 100% tax on polluting industries, employee control of factories. 65,290 76,384,509 Richard M. Nixon, Republican

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